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We want Obi back in our party – PDP Acting Chair



Umar Damagum, acting national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has clarified that the party is not engaged in any merger discussions with other political entities.

Damagum made this statement during an appearance on ‘Nigeria Right Now’ on AIT, which aired on May 30.

Recently, Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate in the 2023 election, visited several PDP leaders, including Atiku Abubakar.

When asked about these visits, Damagum was noncommittal, stating, “He (Obi) hasn’t visited me. I am not a busybody trying to uncover the purpose of these visits.”

Regarding the possibility of welcoming Obi back into the PDP, Damagum expressed openness, saying, “Not only him. Every former member, we want them back.”

Obi departed from the PDP to join the LP in June 2022.

“The party, as I mentioned, is a strong brand that will accommodate everyone. We are taking steps in that direction,” Damagum said.

He emphasized that no formal merger talks have occurred, though individuals might be discussing it privately. “As of today, we have not had any discussions as a party with any group.”

Highlighting the PDP’s nationwide presence and performance, he added, “PDP can stand alone and win this election. We are not considering changing our name for any party that does not add value to us.”

Addressing the internal crisis and calls for suspensions due to alleged anti-party activities, Damagum advocated for reconciliation instead.

“Most agitators for suspensions, what value have they added to the party in their states?” he questioned. “You cannot demand actions based on personal grievances or dislikes.”

On President Bola Tinubu’s performance, Damagum was critical, saying, “I can’t go home. Everyone is hungry. If you aim to govern, you must have a plan to improve lives, not impose detrimental policies.”

He argued that Tinubu’s policies are harmful and poorly conceived, ignoring the impact on the majority who live in poverty.

Damagum praised the PDP’s history of listening to public concerns and suggested the APC should do the same, suspending policies causing economic hardship.

“The APC’s current hardships are effectively campaigning for us. Their nonchalant approach is surprising, but Nigerians have short memories,” he concluded.

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