Vote out APC in 2023, Atiku tells Nigerians

The Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has urged Nigerians to take advantage of the opportunity offered by the 2023 general elections to end our collective misery by voting out the All Progressives Congress.

Atiku said this in a letter to Nigerians yesterday. He noted that Nigerians have never had a government so bad like what the APC-led regime has subjected the country to over the last 7 years, as such; the next election offers a unique opportunity to end the maladministration.

In the letter, the former Vice President wrote, “Dear compatriot, I have said this before and I am repeating it here: next year’s election is a national rescue mission. As citizens of this great country, we owe Nigeria a duty to vote in the election and every ballot cast in that election should count as a referendum on the ruling All Progressives Congress.

“My idea about politics is that it is a system of processes that seeks to organise a society towards a common good. But what the APC has done with us as a country in the past 7 years is a direct opposite of that.

“In the 16 years that our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party governed this country, not a single day came with a nightmare that the APC has continued to make us live through.

“Taking Nigeria out of the cesspit that the APC has thrown us into will require a leadership with forthrightness and a clear vision to chart a new direction into a future of prosperity and peace – the very mantra of our anthem. We should not reward the APC for their failures and we should reject a discredited leadership with no clear agenda.

“May I plead with you to do your little part in rescuing this country? Telling other Nigerians in your circle of friends and family to be part of our journey towards rebuilding Nigeria to a country of one people with one future will do a lot in restoring this great country to its glory.”

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