UNIABUJA Students Kick against increment of Tuition fees

Students of the University of Abuja on Wednesday lamented the decision of the school authorities to increase their tuition fees.

The students express their lamentation on their micro-blogging platform which they described as ”unfair” and ”unjust.”

According to the students social media post, it was revealed that the institution continues to increase the deeds by adding sum of N10,000 every session.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the university, Dr. Habib Yakoob, explained that the university could no longer depend on the government for funds.

He said, “The increment is not that significant; it was a slight increment but you see, no matter what anybody says, there would not be enough justification for why it is increased because even one kobo might not be affordable for our students. So, we sympathise with them but do remember that even some of our lecturers and other members of staff also have their children here, So, everybody is involved.

“The University of Abuja is driving towards being a world-class university; a lot of developments have been taking place. We cannot also rely on the government for funds for the good things that the vice chancellor, the university management will want to carry out. So many projects and development are going on. So, with all of these, it requires some money and everybody is being taxed, not only the students. And it is just a slight review. There were consultations, it is not that the vice chancellor just woke up and decided to increase the fees,” Yakoob added.

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