Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Tinubu’s Cabinet : Kwara North groups demand ministerial appointment 

Coalition of Kwara North groups (CKNG) has called on the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Kwara state Governor to make a Kwara Northerner a full time minister in this 2023 Federal Executive Council by the new government to be inaugurated on the 29th May, 2023.

The Chairman of CKNG, Barr. Abdulkadir Yusuf made this call while addressing a press conference on Thursday in ilorin, the state capital. 

He noted that Kwara North Senatorial District is the most unrewarded, after the 2019 political power revolt by Kwarans.

“With the uncommon and huge sacrifices made in 2019 by Kwara Northerners, where-in the area supplied the second largest votes approximately 32% (31.84%) that ushered-in the APC government in 2019, the Senatorial District has got nothing significant to show for it in terms of appointments, especially at the Federal levels. This is in contrast to the other two Senatorial Districts; Central and South respectively.  While the Central supplied the highest votes of about 39.00% in 2019, South provided the least of around 29%. Notwithstanding these figures, the two Districts got handsomely rewarded with ministerial appointments vis-viz Alh. Lai Mohammed and Sen. Gbemisola Ruqayyat Saraki respectively.

Yet, having been denied the governorship seat in 2019 despite the moral and constitutional provisions of every component of each state in Nigeria to be treated equally. Kwara Northerners swallowed the injustice all for the positive growth, progress, development and peaceful co-existence of all Kwarans.

Again in 2023, notwithstanding the fact that the area had an opportunity to produce a governor from an alternative formidable political party, but the people massively voted for APC at both national and State elections. The 2023 governorship elections result of Kwara as released by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) shows that; of the 273,424 votes cast for APC, Kwara North was consistent; again producing the second largest votes of about 34% that won the reelection of Governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazak.

The very least the Kwara Northerners are asking for is simple: in the Federal Executive Council comes May 29, a Kwara Northerner should be a full Minister in the Cabinet.

There is no greater, higher and better sacrifices as well as selflessness that has never been made and clearly demonstrated by Kwara North, since 1999 up to this moment in 2023” He said.

Speaking further, Barr. Abdulkadir explained that Kwara Central and Kwara South has never made even a percent of sacrifices made by Kwara North from 1999 to the present 2023; whether in the past, present and even in the foreseeable future.

He noted that there is nothing that the Kwara Central and Kwara South senatorial districts have contributed to electoral victories for APC from 2019, and the 2023 recently concluded elections that  has not or never been contributed by Kwara North, in real terms far better, and greater than the other two zones. 

“Sadly however, Kwara North have nothing to show when compared with the other two Senatorial Districts for all their sacrifices, selflessness and loyalty to APC not just as a party, but also for the growth, progress, development and peaceful co-existence of Kwara State.

So, Kwara North is not pleading, and of course not begging for understanding. We are simply demanding for a Kwara State that works for all.

What Coalition of Kwara North Groups is demanding for is; “do to others as you would want done unto you” for the positive growth, progress, development and peaceful co-existence of all Kwarans and Kwara State.

The Coalition of Kwara North Groups, is in the light of this and in the spirit of good neighborliness demanding from the leaders of the ruling political party in Kwara State (the APC); the Kwara State Governor and the President of Nigeria that would be sworn-in from 29th May, 2023 (His Excellency Bola Ahmed Tinubu) to in-view of Kwara State that works for all, do hereby demand in strongest of all terms and highest sense of responsibility that a Kwara Northerner should be a full minister in the next Federal Executive Council that would be formed from the 29th May, 2023.” He concluded. 

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