Monday, March 4, 2024

Tinubu Urges Cabinet members to Fulfill Responsibilities

President Bola Tinubu, in a Monday address, emphasized the need for his cabinet members to work collectively to rejuvenate the nation’s economy, acknowledging the tough circumstances Nigeria is grappling with.

Speaking during the inauguration of the federal executive council (FEC) at the Aso Rock villa in Abuja, Tinubu voiced his confidence in the ministers’ ability to bring about positive change in their respective ministries.

“Our focus is on redefining our financial strategies and efficient resource management, ensuring that the economy serves the needs of our citizens,” Tinubu highlighted to the assembled ministers and cabinet personnel.

He added, “While skeptics may argue against it, in your service, the improbable becomes attainable.”

Tinubu remained assured that the chosen cabinet members understand the mandate of his administration—to achieve concrete results for Nigeria, without making excuses.

“We possess the necessary skills and intellectual capacity to steer this nation’s transformation. We are committed to guiding the country toward success, bearing in mind the expectations of over 200 million citizens who depend on us,” he affirmed.

Considering the current challenges, Tinubu underscored the importance of leveraging the expertise, intellect, and networks of the appointed officials to navigate these trying times.

“We acknowledge the high expectations and the difficulties we face. We must put in the effort to shape a resilient economy that benefits all Nigerians,” he asserted.

He continued, “Our policy implementations will reshape the economy, foster comprehensive growth, and bolster security for a peaceful and prosperous nation. Without security, there can be no investment.”

Tinubu reminded his cabinet that while he’s leading the way, their innovative solutions to challenges will shape his approach as a responsive president.

“The responsibility now lies with you. I’m open to listening, cooperating, and even being corrected. Only God is flawless,” he acknowledged.

“You’ve been tasked with drawing water from a dry well. The challenges are considerable, but we are determined to deliver for the Nigerian people. I am honored to lead this endeavor.”

He concluded by acknowledging their significant commitment to the country, stating, “Since assuming your roles as ministers, you’ve become public servants, dedicated to serving the entirety of the people, at all times.”

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