“There Is No Muslim State In Nigeria Every One Has Equal Right” – Imam Of Yoruba

In a recent video that was shared on the internet, the chief Imam of Yoruba in Ilorin, Alhaji Aduranigba talked about the spate of the religious crisis that is going on in Ilorin the capital of Kwara state.

The religious crisis has been on for about two months and the cause is owning to the order of the state government which stipulated that all schools must be making use of hijab that is mostly meant for Muslims female students.

The Christians in the state have stood their ground that the law won’t work because it is a law set to deprived them of their right.

chief Imam of Yoruba in Ilorin, Alhaji Aduranigba

It is in this context that the chief Imam of Yoruba, speak extensively to clarify some unknown points which is prerequisite to the development of the matter.

He spoke thus:” The Quran has warned us in so many ways and what the Quran talked about is ordained by Allah.

The Quran warned us never to go against any other person’s belief, for instance, I see a Christian and I continue to consider him that he will not inherit the kingdom of God, except he becomes a Muslim that moment am looking for trouble or I am walking along I now see people drinking in a bar, as a result, I began to tell them they won’t inherit the kingdom of God if any one of them hit me with the bottle in their hand that means I have taken what I request for.

So God warn us but many people do not follow it, that is why we are seeing problem up and down.

Let take for instance, how can you impose Islamic law on other religion in a place, I am a Muslim and I want my daughter to go to a Muslims school I can’t take her to a missionary school when I know there are Muslims schools in some other places.

Now you see a school that is written on it, Baptist Church School you tell them they should forcefully accept hijab it will surely lead to hostilities such as what is happening in Ilorin presently.

We don’t need to force anybody to accept our belief by doing so you are looking for a problem because God as warned you against it.

Telling Christians to use hijab is an example because there is no Muslims state in Nigeria, so everyone has equal right.

Let look at it this way, you forced hijab on Christians, Christians too can as well put on their garment to Muslims school or the idol worshippers can put on masquerade cloth and that is how the problem will continue to occur.

Before peace can reign in Ilorin, the law must be reversed.” He concluded

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