Tuesday, February 27, 2024

State House to spend N253M for Food, N260.8M for Electricity in 2024 Budget

The 2024 Appropriation Bill discloses that the State House is set to allocate N460,217,071 for “Materials and Supplies,” with a significant portion, N253,277,638, designated for foodstuffs and catering materials.

The budget encompasses items like stationery, newspapers, books, and more. President Bola Tinubu presented the budget, named the “Budget of Renewed Hope,” to the National Assembly on November 29.

Specific allocations include N66,719,333 for office stationeries/computer consumables, N6,427,173 for books, N21,296,484 for newspapers, and N253,277,638 for foodstuff/catering materials.

Additionally, N260.8m is budgeted for electricity, and N50m for internet access charges, forming part of the N372m earmarked for Utilities, which also covers telephone, water, and sewerage charges.

The budget outlines N217m for fuel and lubricants at the State House.

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