Monday, March 4, 2024

PHOTOS : Funeral Prayer Held for Late Imam of Agbaji, Al-Sheikh Aminullahi Ahmed Tantolohun

A solemn funeral prayer was conducted today for the late Imam of Agbaji, Al-Sheikh Aminullahi Ahmed Tantolohun, who passed away recently.

The emotional gathering took place at the Imam Compound in Agbaji, Ilorin.

The prayer was led by Imam Imale Sheikh Aminullahi, who offered heartfelt supplications to Allah, seeking forgiveness for the late Imam’s sins and praying for strength and fortitude for the grieving family.

Community members and worshippers assembled to pay their respects, remembering the late Imam’s dedicated service and leadership within the community.

The event was a poignant moment for the people of Agbaji, as they came together to honor the memory of a beloved spiritual leader who had touched the lives of many.

Photo Credit : Trove Online Media

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