Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Peter Obi sends Message to ‘OBIdients’ After PEPC Verdict

In the wake of the PEPC’s ruling on the 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, is urging his supporters, whom he affectionately calls ‘OBIdients,’ to remain steadfast in their pursuit of a new Nigeria.

Despite his earlier rejection of the PEPC decision affirming President Bola Tinubu as the winner, Obi believes that this is not the time to lose hope in their shared vision.

Addressing his supporters on social media, Obi emphasizes that while the dream of a new Nigeria may be delayed, it is by no means denied.

He encourages his supporters to stay optimistic, reminding them that significant positive changes in history have always come through sacrifices, resilience, and enduring challenges. From the beginning of their journey, Obi made it clear that their path was not a short sprint but a challenging marathon.

Obi acknowledges the formidable forces they are up against but emphasizes that surrender or despair is not an option.

He expresses his renewed dedication to the cause of a New Nigeria, emphasizing that this commitment is lifelong.

He reassures his supporters that they will persist with even greater determination and adherence to lawful and principled methods.

Obi’s ultimate goal is to ensure that Nigeria belongs to all its citizens, not just a select few, and he remains convinced that a New Nigeria is attainable.

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