OPINION : Who is this Owolabi Self?

Well, before you prosecute, persecute or bear out your mind on this subject, please hear me out first and then make your deductions thereafter, for a clear conscience fear no accusation, no matter what happen. Don’t forget, those words applies to you and I.

The question thrown up there is not just that of mine but that which has at one point or the other had arose in the minds of each and everyone of us before now.

Let me start with his foes first. This is a question some of them are still asking and would continue to beg an answer for until the kingdoms upon kingdoms would come and forever passed. Why? It is because the reality of every good thing and event is always like a mirage to those whose hearts is far from doing good hence their thought always run and rebel against the possibility and feasibility of attainment of anything good. In other words, it is not in their dictionaries that politics as many before has been playing it, can never be done in the real terms of service to humanity first, before service to self, especially the way Owolabi has been displaying and mystifying his counteporsaries, particularly under the bread and butter political dispensation in whicb find ourselves since 1999. To the uninitiated, even out of their unimaginable resonance, Owolabi was like a son of Belial in whom many have concluded that there is no good thing that can come out of Nazareth. forgetting that even the gods are wise enough to put to use the most willing tools in their hands to achieve their aims. To his foes, Owolabi has surpassed and surprised their imaginations and they have nothing more to ask or add, than that if they are wise, they should join the young man in his audacious long walk and fight to fulfil the reasons for his creation and usefulness to huamanity. If there is still any of those foes thinking otherwise, my candid advice is that they tarry no more as the moving train has become unstoppable and progressive thinking has taken over. This is because the day is breaking and so fast that it is becoming hard to continue covering the nicked truth. They must never allow it to be too late! A word they say, is enough for the wise.

There is no point to dwell too much on the adversaries because it’s always futile to continue to throw stones on every dog that barks while one is on the way to the right destination. 😃😃😃

Now, to the friends and I’ll like to start with a true and verifiable story that directly link me to the same question and why I chose to join the fray of those faring in the same plane with the young man’s ambition, aspiration and commitment to reach the desired destination.

Up and until February 2020, despite my humble level of education in politics and sleepish involvement in local politics, the name Owolabi rang no bell to me and I cared less nonetheless. Why? Because just like many other Nigerians, I had refused for a long time to bother myself about politicians and their antics, especially with those in my locality since we have all seen and condole more than enough disappointments from them hence we belief that the best way to safe ourselves from unnecessary heartache was to resign to fate with conclusion that one day, one day, monkey would go to the market and would never return, as they say in local parlance.

However, this wrong illusion has for long robbed us in no small measures of the well proclaimed dividends/ benefits of democracy, especially even when those we called our own people have never for once behaved closer to score average in performamce when in office. The most frustrating chapter of life is when you are let down by someone of your own immediate blood and it was that state of mind that had ruled mine and other like-minded’s politically estimations before February 2020 when the unexpected happened right in my village and in our very presence and life time!

Before then, as narrated in one of my earlier posts, I had only seen Owolabi on the Facebook reaching out to the elderlies in our constituency just immeiately after the 2019 general elections that threw him up amongst others, but I took his action with a pinch of salt, albeit like the normal antics of our politicians with their usual deep-seated systemic approach to rob oil on people mouths to enable the man in power have the convenience of licking the real soup in solitude.

Then, came once again, the day I strolled through the same Facebook and I saw the only primary school in my village, (where I graduated in 1977 as one of the first set of pupils from the school), already well renovated, promptly occupied and appearing on that FB page as one of the handiwork of the member of the State House of Assembly representing my constituency. Ah! I was amazed beyond words and there and then I decided to know who that Representative was, who was able to locate and perform that wonder in that remove village of mine. Never have I or my people seen this before, not even at a time past, when the Speaker of the State House of Assembly was from my Ward. Without much ado, I drew the attention of one or two persons from the village to this unusual happening and following that prompting, I ensured I was part of the entourage that paid a thank you visit to Hon. Abdulrasaq Olatunde Owolabi, the man that performed that unexpected wonder!
Hitherto before then, sometime in December 2017 to be precise, some of us had volunteered, out of serious embarrassment about the despair state of the school, to embark on its gradual renovation and construction of new classrooms but haven’t been able to do anything due to the encumbrances that are usually associated with such project before Owolabi appeared on the horizon with his helping hands. And so unbelieable it was, when he did.

As it would happened, that question about who is this Owolabi self? came up again in my mind as we were on our way out of his residence that day. From thence, I began my personal research on the gentleman and believe me, my findings are as amazing and as intriguing as his subsequent performance and good work across his Share/
OkeOde constituency has been!

Out of personal conviction and indeed, as a matter of duty, I intends in subsequent postings to publish the outcome of my research on this young man with a view to pricking the consciences of all well-meaning indigenes of Ifelodun why we must never attempt to throw this beautiful baby away with the bath water coming 2023 and subsequent elections wherein he may decide to continue the quest to serve us.

  • Now, who is this Owoblabi?
  • What was his antecedence before now?
  • What was peoples’ perspectives of him before arriving at the State House of Assembly?
  • What is his political philosophy?
  • How has he been able to do what he is doing?
  • What has he been doing that makes him the political thick iroko tree?
  • What should we do to maintain this oasis?
  • What else has he in stock going forward?

Why he deserve our vote again?

These and many more are coming under this topic.
Please stay tuned!

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