[Op_Ed] : We are all sitting on a time bomb.

It’s very unfortunate that those who are running the affairs of Nigeria at all level are doing as if everything is well with us as a nation. Things are very tough with Nigerians!

Many households have lost their families to Boko Haram/Bandits and till this very minute those people are still terrorising the PEACE of millions of Nigerians. What’s really wrong with Nigeria as a nation?

We are now in a situation whereby these set of people are perpetuating their evil deeds on daily basis. They kidnap people at their own convenient time. They operate as if they have received their certificate of operation from the government. No region in Nigeria is safe. We are now in era where Nigerians are living in fear. For how long will this continue?

It’s no longer about religion and tribe any more. I’m still very much worried why the government is yet to declare these wicked group of people as TERRORIST. Sadly, they found peace in killing others people’s relatives.

Not even Kwara State is safe anymore. The bandits are working day and night to meet up with their target. And the truth is that, it’s beyond the control of the government.

It’s time for the government of the day at all level to call for a SECURITY SUMMIT that will yield results, good ones. It’s for the federal government to be proactive and work with the state government to tackle the insecurity and all the state government to work hand-in-hand with the local government chairmen or the illegal TIC while the local government representatives should work along with the traditional rulers and each ward representatives down to each COMMUNITIES representatives.

Lastly, the federal government need to call on all the previous public office holders and work together as a team.

The only way to have a peaceful nation is to work collectively with the appropriate people. Togetherness we can have a peaceful Nigeria.

• I’m Abd-Lateef Olalekan Odo from Ilorin.

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