[Op_Ed] : Toba Oloyede = Capacity, Character and competence

The mere mention of the Federal House of Representatives elicits a wide range of responses from those who occupy the position. Those who have held the position and those who are yet to hold it in high regard. It’s hardly unexpected that this is the case. Although it gets lesser attention from electorates, the Federal House of Representatives is Nigeria’s second-most powerful legislative house. Most candidates aspire to this sacred chamber for various reasons, including the chance to serve, the degree of power, and the capacity to impact. But, no matter how much they pledge during elections, some people see this job as a way to enrich their coffers through underlying inadequate representation. This implies that officeholders must have a track record of accomplishment and the ability to deliver.

The first criterion for candidates for the Federal House of Representatives should be capability, character, and competence. Let me introduce a candidate for the Ekiti/Irepodun/Isin/Oke Ero Federal House of Representatives who meets all of these criteria.

Dr Toba Oloyede (DTO) is a young Kwara southerner with a family of high track record in facilitating community service for the people of igbomina Ekiti especially through education. DTO has a character suited to serve his immediate constituency in Kwara south, according to his birth and upbringing conditions. DTO’s sociology was carved and created on the land of igbomina -Ekiti, growing up in the embrace of hardworking Igbomina men and women. He learned the Kwara South ways, which formed his character and demeanour as a real Yoruba man.

DTO’s interest in human physiology was piqued after a successful completion of his Computer Science at Lagos State University; he then opted to Ryazan I.P. Pavlov Medical University in Russia to study medicine. He graduated as a medical doctor at Windsor University School of Medicine in St. Kitts and Nevis, North America. As a certified medical practitioner, DTO can recognise high-quality healthcare and enact legislation to guarantee that his people do not have to go more than five kilometres to receive acceptable treatment. His capabilities extend beyond healthcare to include financial services, oil and gas, manufacturing, and retail in the United States. In a variety of businesses, he has held management and leadership responsibilities.

DTO is an accomplished professional with a stunning array of transferrable talents, including good communication, problem-solving abilities, and all-important self-control when it comes to competency. DTO returned to Nigeria and founded Seramos Nigeria Limited, which has a portfolio that includes health management, agriculture, and education. Seramos Nigeria Limited has seen numerous children from the grassroots through school via reputable sponsorship programs that have generated several tertiary institution graduates, following his innate drive to serve and positively influence lives.

DTO is a firm believer in the potential of public-private partnerships and the establishment of an environment welcoming to both domestic and international businesses. He feels that this would provide long-term employment not only for inhabitants of his constituency but for the whole state of Kwara.
As an individual, DTO has spent most of his adulthood serving the people and showing up for the downtrodden. I am particularly in love with how he opts to make his philanthropy completely lowkey- that is a virtue! An uncommon one.
Today, this same man with a fine, that is undoubtedly capable has summoned to courage to run for House of Representatives. Why won’t you give him your support?

Anime Mohammed is my name and I’m wholeheartedly a DTO fan!

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