[Op_Ed] : The Truth Cannot Be Long Hidden: A case of Hidden Agenda Of Kwara North 2023

The above title was derived from Bhudda, founder of Bhuddism quote that says: “Three things cannot be long hidden: Sun, The Moon and The Truth. No matter the number of years the lies and selfish thoughts and interest against our great party had spent, the truth shall surely prevail and outstanding.

It is with great pleasure and sincerity of purpose that prominent and important component actor of Kwara North 2023 agenda, Alhaji Muhammad Shafiyi discovered the reality behind the formation and support of some forces in the party for Kwara North Consultative Forum ( a group advocating for power shift to the Kwara North Senatorial District) as one that is more of personal interest than collective interest, a development that stirred Alhaji Shafiyi from his slumber and call a spade a spade.
Shafiyi said “As a founding member of the Kwara North Consultative Forum (KNCF), I joined the forum with the belief that we can use the platform to mobilize our people towards achieving our collective interest of producing a Governor of Kwara North extraction in 2023. In the beginning, there were good signals to believe that what we were doing was for the greater good and that our objective would be attained judging by our perceived resolve to stay focused on our mission and be transparent in our dealings.
“Although I have had my concerns and reservations since I observed the clandestine moves of key figures of the Forum, the so-called World Press Conference conveyed by the group on Wednesday, November 10, further confirmed my suspicions that we are being teleguided by some individuals with vested interests outside the declared interest of Kwara North.
“It is obvious that the ordinary people of Kwara North and some of our key stakeholders can also see through the deceit. This is why apart from the so-called “aspirants”, no other serious stakeholder from the zone attended the press conference. Not a single woman turned up from Edu, Patigi, Kiama, and Baruten. As in the case of the prayers convened earlier in the year, the majority of the attendees came from Moro, especially those who live in Ilorin and supporters of some of the aspirants from Ilorin and Kwara South.
“I believe that there are one or two people in the Forum who are genuinely committed to the cause. But the majority are agents of particular aspirants.

“For a group that wants to stand for a purpose and demand for specific rights, one will expect that such a group will be funded squarely by the members in order to retain their independence and be able to pursue their demands with required single-mindedness without any distractions from anyone. But the Kwara North Consultative Forum is now being funded by individual in the likes of immediate pass kwara South Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim which is not known to the majority of members and stakeholders of the Forum. As a member of the group, I and a few other members find it quite embarrassing to read media reports with allegations that our activities are being funded by some individuals with ulterior motives of causing disharmony within the PDP.

“I felt so sad that the struggle that started so well, has now been hijacked. Several of the prominent stakeholders who started it now barely know what is happening behind closed doors and what transactions some individuals Among us like Zakari Muhammed are using our collective struggle to negotiate.
“Before it’s too late, I wish to state categorically that I have lost total confidence in the ability of Kwara North Stakeholders Forum to prosecute and spearhead the struggle for Kwara North governorship in 2023. Without sincerity and genuine intentions on the part of everyone involved in the struggle for Kwara North political emancipation, this struggle would not deliver any result.
“I believe in our mantra of equity, justice, and fairness. I also believe that Kwara North has the right to govern the state like others, but I don’t want anybody to use my name to promote their selfish ambitions, by exploiting the collective aspirations of our people.
“Some of us have seen through the smokescreen and we have a duty to speak up and tell our people what’s happening.

2023: Victory is a must

An opinion writer And Political Analyst write from
Kwara state chapter of People’s Democratic party.

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