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[Op_Ed] : The People’s Democratic Party And So Many Unlearnt Lessons

It is no doubt that the Peoples Democratic Party is the biggest and most successful party in Nigeria. However, it is sad that some of our leaders are not in tandem with the direction the party is going towards.

Let’s go back down memory lanes. In 2014, some leaders in the party such as my own leader H.E. Bukola Saraki and the Wazirin Adamawa were not satisfied with the moves the party was taking back then. They went ahead to form the New-PDP (NPDP), which later formed an alliance with the ruling party today. However, moving forward our leaders became instrumental in the emergence of the All Progressive Congress in 2015. After the APC emerged the CPC and ACN bloc hijacked the party and formed a government leaving out NPDP members. But thankfully our leaders realised leaving PDP for APC was a great mistake they should never have made. Because the APC as a party does not have anything to offer Nigerians.

The major players of the NPDP came back to the party and reconciled with other members. It is not a hidden fact that the reconciliation committee was led by the former President of the Senate Dr Bukola Saraki. The major lesson that ought to be learnt from this is that the PDP and other parties are completely different. It is obvious that, what drives the PDP is the interest of Nigerians.

Pre 2019, the APC campaigned on the basis that the former senate president was holding Nigeria hostage by not allowing them borrow money and by making the senate very effective in carrying out its duties. Today it is obvious those were just lies been told to Nigerians because now we have seen what the APC has to offer us. As a lover of Nigeria, it will be sad and devastating for our country if we decide to allow APC rule us for another 4 years.

Before I derail from my main message which is to our leaders in the PDP. There is a famous quote which says “Family is supposed to be our safe haven. Very often, it’s the place where we find the deepest heartache”. Our party is out of power now, and our main focus should be taking the power back for the sake of Nigerians. It is understandable that as human beings we all have our differences, and sometimes we do not always get what we want. That is the way of life, today you might be a winner but it does not guarantee you being a winner again tomorrow. A disunited unit can never achieve its goal.

PDP leaders should not lose this elections again to the enemies of Nigeria. Our leaders need to put their differences asides before we go into the forthcoming elections. Our disunity is very beneficial to other parties because, they’ll penetrate us internally. Their main objective is for us not to unite before the election. We need to show them that in the quest of rescuing Nigeria from their atrocities, we will put our differences aside.

For those who think engagement in anti-party activities will be beneficial to them. They should take lessons from the effects of the N-PDP in 2015. There’s no place like home, they will always be second class members in whatever party they work for. We need to show them, the PDP is one party united under the great umbrella of progress.

Our strength only lies in our unity, and for those of us who love Nigeria and want the best for this country. Our priority now should be how PDP will succeed at all levels. Bashing a fellow party member is not needed, it portrays the trait of a person with a low self-esteem.

Everyone’s grievances is understandable but one thing is clear, elections are not like party conventions. Elections come once in 4 years, this is why we need to put those grievances asides until we reclaim power. Because if we end up losing this elections, we will play the blame game again which I am afraid of because it will be the end of our party.

Our leaders should please put their grievances aside for now. We need to rescue our nation from the hands of looters and pretenders. We also need to protect the greatest political party in the history of Nigeria. We should not allow history repeat itself.

Farid Abdulrazzaq Salman Sholagberu

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