[Op_Ed] : Tales of a Young Igbomina Man – By Anike Mohammed

A person who broadcasts every piece of news he receives without digesting and verifying the source and integrity jeopardizes his reputation. We frequently hear a word about famous personalities that turns out to be false, prompting us to doubt the sources. However, we do not have to sit by and watch as troublesome folks attempt to twist our story and give inaccurate information.

In your community, how many philanthropists do you know? Have you ever heard of people in your town who go out of their way to guarantee that your community develops without the government’s help? You’ve probably heard about a handful from your community and the surrounding areas. Let’s get down to business.

I know a young man who grew up in his mother’s loving arms. Due to her tremendous strides in the immediate community, his mother epitomizes the ‘build a woman, and you build the nation’ concept. She is an educator who has had a positive academic and moral impact on the lives of several students in her community. She monitors the welfare of school pupils outside of the classroom and goes out of her way to provide them with clothes and books when they are needed. In her community service, she has assisted in the construction of schools and the payment of school fees for children who would not soon forget her impact if it were not for her name. When she climbed to the post of principal, she decided to expand her acts of kindness to teachers and community people. Her immediate neighbourhood sees her as a dynamic and one-of-a-kind benefactor who prioritizes expertise and service over partiality.
After witnessing her virtues, this young man developed a partiality for his mother and decided to follow in her footsteps.

The young man studied hard to become a medical doctor outside of his country’s borders and then returns to continue his mother’s community service. He is young and enthusiastic, but he is concerned about the people in his town. Anyone who comes into contact with him is constantly amazed by his passion for his people. He has a thorough understanding of his community’s potential and resources. And hopes that those in power would do the right thing and free the town of underdevelopment one day.
I wished that this young man would one day work with his community on a grander scale and pursue roles in positions of authority to help his community develop.
I’ve been following the actions of a young man who participates in political activities and campaigns of well-known figures since 2011. However, I was not aware of any controversy among his coworkers about his character or background.

The word of this young man’s political ambitions has just made the rounds. Chants of his name and praise songs are now an everyday occurrence among individuals familiar with his background and who believe in his vision. Surprisingly, the dirty side of politics is being used against this young man’s personality. Various sources allege that he is not who he claims to be and that he misrepresents his community of origin.
‘Do you believe this young man made a mistake by uniting with his philanthropic mother, who has catered for him his entire life?’ I ask these rumour mongering politicians.

It is preferable to look into politicians’ track records and the truth of their assertions, particularly their sources of income. In today’s Kwara south, a young man with a verified source of money deserves to be commended. We don’t have to relegate ourselves to the margins of Kwara south politics by playing nasty games. Let us prefer intelligence and skill over mediocrity. Let us rally behind our favoured candidates without ruining the image of others by deception, and let us stop being so cheap with the truth!

For those who are curious, the young man is Dr Toba Oloyede, who is running for the Federal House of Representatives on the Ekiti, Irepodun, Isin, and Ekiti platforms. I hope we can learn from our mistakes and elect experienced and enthusiastic people to represent us in government so we can all benefit from the development we all desires.

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