[Op_Ed] : Owolabi, The Lekeleke (Cow Bird) of the new Political generation

In political Science, there is what we call the group minor. What this denotes is that in the midst of group of black cows, there would be one white amongst them. So also, in the group of many bad people, politicians and things generally, there must be an exceptionally a very good one amongst them. This is kernel of my discussion today, as earlier explained in my last story, two days ago.

Please, step forward, Hon. Rasaq Olatunde Owolabi as I bring forth again your radiating political prowess that has separated you from the many past representatives we have seen emerging from our constituency in recent times.

Well, call it what you may, the honey will still be sweet, since the NATURE has created it to be permanently and unchangeably so! Character, they say, is like smokescreen, however one tries to hide it, it must surely come out and be seen both by its friends and foes alike.

Even though, this write-up, once again, may sound or be described as repetition depending on individual assumption and perception, it is the height of wisdom to sound it clearly and repeatedly so, that no one sees a good thing without recognizing it, as every good thing has no other description than what it is.

Today, many politicians now comes out to display one empowerment or the other as the 2023 elections beacons. The question is, where were they since May 2019, when we voted them into power? Now, everyone want to be seen as do-gooders. Hmmmmnn, we have since realized their antics and it’s no longer new to us. We can now differentiate the shaft from the grain. We know the good, the bad and the ugly amongst them and as we approach the pay-back time, we cannot be mesmerized to throw them up again to oppress us. Mark my words!

Starting from as early as June 2019, Owolabi has been on the move to better the lots of his people and this has since therefore, separated him from copy-cats, who are now brandishing their leftovers and Greece Gifts to us as empowerment benefits of democracy!

From renovation of schools in remote to outer communities, to caring for the elderly, the widows, the sick and of course, our teeming youths, Owolabi has proved beyond doubts that lifting peoples’ life goes beyond elections and election times.

Please, permit me to buttress this assertion with this simple but uncommon show of statesmanship I personally witnessed in 2020 when Hon. Owolabi suddenly showed up in Oke-Ode community with a brand new sub-station electric transformer, in order to resuscitate light in the over 22 communities that surrounds Oke-Ode and have been in darkness for more than five (5) years hitherto before 2020.

I can vividly recall that before then, the Oke-Ode Community Development Association (ODA) had singlehandedly spent millions of Naira on this same challenge to no avail, even when the State Commissioner for Works then was from the noble town. Not only that, the so-called politicians in power then also raked money both from government purse and from the surrounding communities for the execution of the same project and for 5 years were unable to do anything, except that all the monies collected vanished into their pockets because they preferred darkness above light due to greed and their selfishness. At the time, apart from the aforementioned Commissioner, the Chairman of the LGA was from Oke-Ode land, a two-terms Speaker of the State House of Assembly was from Oke-Ode land, apart from several highly positioned political appointees, and Councilors as well as other political gladiators, all who looked at the other side when their communities were in sordid darkness! Ha bah! Until one Owolabi from a far distance came to the rescue shortly as he was voted to represent the Constituency in 2019 and at a time no new election was near! Nothing can be more assuring of new hope and spirit-lifting for the people of Oke-Ode and its surrounding communities than that. No wonder, HRM, the Elesha of Oke-Ode gave it no second thought to bestow the title of Olu-Omo of Oke-Ode land on the erudite and humble Hon. Owolabi to the cheers and applauses of all and sundry, although to the bewilderment of some so-called sons of the the land who can only grumble and blame themselves for their show of ineptitudes and non-concern for their people.

To some of us who were onlookers and bystanders then, we thought the young Honourable was just playing another political gimmick until he kept on propelling the growth and development in every nooks and crannies of the Constituency at every available opportunity he has had since 2019. As Owolabi was facilitating renovation of schools in both outer and remove communities, so he was doing with roads, hospitals, bridges, employment and empowerment opportunities for the youths, farmers, artisans and the likes all around his Constituency. What else can we say of this young man than to encourage and urge him on to higher level, which would provide him with more enablement to do more for his people. So, when some of us now queue behind this man, we are not doing so for notice me but for the realities on ground which everyone including the blinds in and outside the constituency can see.

Unlike many before him who hided throughout their tenure in office, as nobody knew where they lived nor hardly can see them, except when another elections were at hand, Owolabi has no hidden place nor agenda and like the LEKELEKE that he is, his concern has been to take care of the infectious insects perching and ravaging the peoples’ body, so that both himself and his benefactors (the people, voters and friends and foes alike, can continue to live in peace, progress and prosperity, which his brand of political style and democracy in particular is meant to achieve.

….(To be continued)

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