[Op_Ed] : I know you hate Abdulrahman but come see the larger picture – By Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff

Once upon a time, we shouted to leave the land of Egypt. Once upon a time we almost thought that it was better we enjoyed slavery than not having water to drink. But here we are living in a world in which we no longer crave slavery and water but are immersed in freedom of speech, expression and opinions regardless of our differences. Should we call this a rhapsody of realities or should we dig further to find out who brought about these wonderful changes? In the past, a contradictory opinion would have made thunder strike the peace of the society. But currently, there is a new wine of hope.

I know you hate Abdulrahman but come here, let me paint you the large picture. Before the new star appears in the sky, teachers complained of unpaid salaries, local government officials and pensioners pleaded at the gate for mercy, and the decision-making process was more or less, tagged ‘beggers streets’ as only those who could stoop so low to beg for alms could feel their mouth with grains. In 2017, some people questioned the alarming rate of suicides among Kwara civil servants.

But today, the floodgates of corruption seem closed, we are now getting close to the big picture. The governor’s humility and maturity in handling state matters have attracted encomiums from all quarters and admiration from the opposition’s pitch. How the Governor has refined governance in the state, especially across the grassroots is not only amazing but has continued to attract a mass exodus of economic growth and development.

Therefore I’m using this opportunity to call on all stakeholders and individuals in the society to please support the governor in his quest to take the state to the next level of success. No matter our background or views, a better Kwara is our pride.

Sulaimon Lekan Gadaff
Writes from the ancient town of Ajagusi. Asa local government.

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