[Op_Ed] : Food For Thought – By Farid Abdulrazzaq Salman Sholagberu

Elections are not won by using money. Elections are won by tangible impacts. People are not stupid, they will collect whatever money you offer them because they know it’s seasonal.

The money will only come to them when elections are around the corner. When people don’t believe in what you’re doing, you have failed.

Solve long-term issues and stop giving stipends to people… Less than $100 cannot solve anybody’s problems and it cannot lift anyone out of poverty. That is what some people spend on dinners. It’s a shame governance has been reduced to that in our country.

How many people have access to quality education today? Tackling the problem in the education sector is not just by painting schools. It’s sad they have taken us for fools. Teachers are not being trained and children are still plenty on the streets. Yet some people will still come out to say they have performed well.

You can’t be a political leader without investing in people, and you can’t be a political leader by hiding away from your people…

Modern day Politicians should learn from those who have achieved great heights in politics. The likes of MKO, Olusola Saraki, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Kwankwaso, Chimaroke Nnamani, and others like them invested in people. That’s why they can speak and people will listen. Honourable men are not those who hide behind curtains and just come out to spend money during political seasons.

We see beyond all of that, and we know those who seek political positions for their own selfish interest, and we know those who seek political positions to impact the lives of the masses.

Most of our politicians today are not humanitarians, they lack the qualities of leadership. They lack human compassion which is evident in the way they have governed us. They want us to sing them praises for doing basic things that ought to be done.

The take home from this is people should put their sentiments aside and think about the future of their kids and the youths should think about their future and that of the nation.

We see youths wanting to leave the country today, but they ought to remember the saying that there is no place like home. If we allow bad leadership by voting for dishonest politicians then, we ourselves are the problems.

Everybody should remember that power is wielded by the people. The ballot is a very powerful instrument and a sentimental use of the ballot is bad for any nation.

Farid Abdulrazzaq Salman Sholagberu

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