Wednesday, November 29, 2023

“Nigeria’s Safe Business Haven” – Tinubu Woos G20 Investors

President Bola Tinubu has assured investors from G20 nations that their funds are secure in Nigeria, emphasizing the country’s educated and industrious population as a key asset.

Speaking at a G20 Compact with Africa Economic Conference in Berlin, Tinubu highlighted the administration’s commitment to economic reforms and the removal of barriers hindering businesses since he took office in May 2023.

He underscored Nigeria’s demographic advantages, including a youthful population, a well-educated workforce, and a substantial market.

Tinubu urged investors to recognize the evolving business environment in Africa, emphasizing Nigeria’s commitment to the rule of law and contractual sanctity.

The President also outlined the country’s focus on natural gas development, hydrogen production, tax reforms, and the encouragement of foreign investments.

Tinubu invited German automobile firms to establish manufacturing plants in Nigeria and encouraged businesses to explore investment opportunities across various sectors.

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