Nigerian Singer, Goya Menor bags honorary doctorate degree from US varsity

Goya Menor, the Nigerian singer, had bagged an honorary doctorate degree in business management from American Management University.

The varsity is located in West Covina, a suburban city in Los Angeles, California.

The ‘Ameno Ampiano’ crooner recently shared a video from the award event via his Instagram page.

The singer also said it was a “three-in-one recognition” while expressing his gratitude to God.

Menor said he was honoured with an honorary degree, recognised as the artist of the year and also made the ambassador of peace.

“Three in one recognition. Ambassador of Peace, Honorary doctorate in business management, Ambassador of Peace international music artist of the year. Every day is a win, all Glory to God,” he wrote.

In the video, Menor also said he takes the award as a reward for spending “90% of my time” organising free tutorials for people during his university days.

“All through my university days in Ambrose Ali University, Edo, 2010 to 2016, I spent like ninety percent of my time helping people, taking tutorial lectures that weren’t paid for. So I think this is just a payback for all I have done,” he said.

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