Nigeria may collapse in the next two years, Gani Adana warns FG

Founder of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) and the Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Gani Adams, has warned that Nigeria may collapse in the next two years if goverments at all levels fail to do something to salvage the present insecurity and economic situations.

Adams raised the alarm on Sunday during the Okota Festival held at his home town, Arigidi-Akoko, in Akoko North-West local government area of Ondo State.

The former OPC leader said the country had been plunged into a position where it would take a miracle for the country not to disintegrate in the next two years especially with those saddled with the task of steering the ship of the country at a loss on how to address the challenges.

“Amidst the present insecurity situation, economic crisis and downgraded institution, governance in the country has shown lack of coordination and Nigeria’s paths towards a unitary system will only cause the country’s problems to get continually worse,” Adams said.

“With the insecurity issues in the country, there is nothing that can be done if we do not have federalism. If we do not allow federalism based on regionalism, I’m afraid that, within two years, this country will break.

“You can see how the wave is coming. It is not only insecurity, but also the economy, depreciating institutions and lack of coercion in governance. There is danger ahead, if the Federal Government does not act fast to restructure Nigeria to regionalism.

“Regionalism will give the content of regional police, state police and local government police. If you do not work on the structure, there is no way you can stop insecurity.

“Why are we dodging from reality and trying to push a country of about 250 million people into a unitary system? It cannot work. A country that has about 450 ethnic nationalities, it cannot work and that’s one of our problems.”

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