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Nigeria Is Not Working Because Of Ignorant Leaders – Peter Obi

The Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate Peter Obi, on Wednesday disclosed why the the country is not working.

According to Obi, Nigeria is not moving forward because the country has leaders who don’t know anything.

The former Anambra Governor said this during a presidential campaign held in Makurdi, the state capital, urging the youths in the state to hold him accountable if he fails to fulfill his promise after being elected.

He said, “In their productive age, our youth must be productive. That is why I said you will not come to Abuja to tell us what you want us to do; we will come to you, you are the government.

“I have said the greatest physical asset of Nigeria, after the human assets we have in the youths, is the vast uncultivated land in the North; I will make it work.

“We have the opportunity to turn Lagos into a financial centre; we have the opportunity to turn the South-South to become the best in oil and gas; We have the opportunity to turn the South-East to become the best in manufacturing and trade.

“Why is it not working? It is because we have people who don’t know anything, and they’re wasting everybody’s time.

“Everything I say today, take it; hold us responsible.“

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