Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Ndume Defends Purchase of SUVs for National Assembly Members

Senator Ali Ndume from Borno South defended the recent purchase of sports utility vehicles (SUVs) for National Assembly members, citing that this practice of providing vehicles for civil and public servants is not unprecedented.

He pointed out that the provision of official vehicles for public servants has been a long-standing tradition.

Despite the heightened criticism over the allocation of SUVs valued at N160 million to each of the 469 lawmakers, Ndume emphasized that such purchases have historically been a regular part of equipping public servants, stressing the necessity of these vehicles for official duties.

However, he acknowledged the public’s concerns, especially in Nigeria’s current post-petrol subsidy era, and emphasized the importance of such vehicles for effective legislative and oversight functions.

Furthermore, he highlighted the escalating costs involved in these procurements and urged for President Bola Tinubu to consider an executive order on unexplained wealth, suggesting it would be an effective strategy to address this matter.

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