Mixed Reactions as Kwara Govt extends Closure of Mission Schools over Hijab Crisis

The Kwara State Government yesterday extended the closure of the 10 government schools where the use of hijab is disputed.

The Kwara state government in a Press Statement by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development, Mrs Kemi Adeosun, listed the schools to include C&S College Sabo Oke, ST. Anthony College, Offa Road, ECWA School, Oja Iya, Surulere Baptist Secondary School, Bishop Smith Secondary School, Agba Dam, CAC Secondary School Asa Dam road, St. Barnabas Secondary School Sabo Oke, St. John School Maraba, St. Williams Secondary School Taiwo Isale, and St. James Secondary School Maraba.

Kwarans yesterday took to social media to react to the development, Some are in support of the State Govt decisions while some oppose.

Engr. Otukoko Olayinka Ibrahim

The Director of Project and Empowerment, ABS Constituency, Engr. Olayinka Otukoko Ibrahim Said, “The decision of the state government to shut the “10 schools” with Hijab controversy in kwara is to nip the looming crisis in he bud and very commendable.”

Miss Saadat Bibire

The Founder of SAAB Foundation, Miss Saadat Bibire Said, ” On this Hijab thing going on in kwara, I feel there are so many ways to get things done. There are Muslims schools that compels everyone going in to use hijabs (irrespective of religion) and anyone who’s applying to go there already knows this and they don’t have an issue with it”

“But I’m perplexed at how you’ll take your ward to a missionary school and still wear hijab for them. Kwara state is a peaceful place and literally things like this shouldn’t upturn the peaceful coexistence of our people. There are schools (a lot of them) in kwara that Allows their students to wear hijab or not wear. If your ward must wear hijab then take her to those schools, stay clear off missionary schools. Withdraw your wards from the schools and take them to where they can wear their hijabs comfortably.”

“Religious will always be a tool they’ll want to use to divide us after ethic!!! It’s 2021 we should stay woke and stay peaceful

Anyone fueling this issue underground for their own personal interest is a witch/wizard!!!”

mr. Dauda Ridwan Olamilekan

A Facebook User, mr. Dauda Ridwan Olamilekan Said, “I believe shutting down these schools by the govt is to curtail any possible break down of law and order. Remember, Nigeria is a circular state and kwara is no exception when it comes to the provisions of the Constitution regarding religious religious rights and freedoms. More so, in a circular state like ours, no religion or ethic group is superior to another so, I believe the govt by shutting down those schools is on the right track and I would enjoin the govt to work towards a compromise where there will be no Victor and no vanguish between the parties involved.”

Mr. Abdulganiyu Oseni keto

 One Mr. Abdulganiyu Oseni keto Said, “Yes it’s proper because according to my view the mission of these missionaries school is that they didn’t want the muslim students to be using hijab nd what govt said is that all the muslim students should be using hijab government didn’t compulsory hijab for the christian students let’s look at Ansaru secondary school it comprises of both christian and muslim does the school now said because the school s islamic school all the students should be putting on hijab No. and again some of our brothers nd sisters that attended missionary school in that school they will be condemning islam nd as we know that school is one of the most powerful agent of socialization that can easily change the mind of the young once nd this people has brain washed them that why you will be seeing muslim converting to christian. the only thing that this missionary school has to know is that the school is not in their control any longer is the govt that os taking care of the school   paying the salary nd the aims of public enterprise is to certified the general being a muslim or a christian is not private school is govt school that everybody has the opportunity to attend it.what those schools need to know is understanding they should understand the muslim ,muslim can never compulsory hijab for a christian at all.”

imam Hussein

A Facebook User, imam Hussein Said, “I am still wondering why these Christian schools are forming against the use of Hijab when it could be found in their Bible that all women should always cover their heads. Read the quoted verses from the Bible for attestation. 1_ Corinthians 11 ( New revised standard). 5: but any woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled disgraces her head_ it is one and the same thing as having her head shaved. 6: for it a woman will not veil herself, then she should cut off her hair; but if it is disgraceful for a woman to have her hair cut off to be shaved, she should wear a veil. 10 : for this reason a woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the Angel. 13: judge for yourselves; is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head unveiled???. So in case of these, if Christians read their Bible and follow it truthfully,then, they will be wearing the Hijab too. 

 ” It all started in 1976, when all religion schools here in Kwara State agreed to give back their schools to the state government; government made those schools realised that if they want the schools to have standard education in terms of funding management, it is in the best position for them to allow government to take controls in which all of them concurred. ( History of education and curriculum & instruction have elaborated it to all educational students), truthfully we all concurred.”

 “During Gov. Abdul Fatai Ahmad tenure ( 2012) the Christians said they want to reclaim back their schools. The governor rejected vehemently not because he is a Muslim but because of the origin of the truth behind it. The major mistake we did here in Kwara State even some parts of Nigeria is that the government did not change the name of the school after they have taken over the ownership.”

Kwara is a Muslims state

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