Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Let’s create enabling environment for Tinubu’s govt to thrive – Gambari urges Nigerians

Chief of staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, Ibrahim Gambari has urged Nigerians to provide an enabling environment for the incoming government to thrive.

Gambari spoke in Kebbi state following a visit to Atiku Bagudu, the governor, and Muhammadu Bashar, the Emir of Gwandu.

“I am here on a private visit to see the governor and his royal highness, the Emir of Gwandu,” Gambari said.

“Because, as we are coming to the end of this administration, I am here to appreciate them for their support, prayers and to also make a point that elections are now over.

“We should now be building support and enabling environment for the incoming administration so that they could build – up on the positive record of President Buhari in all the major priorities his administration focused on.

“Above all, for being the one that conducted and supervised the free and fair 2023 general elections that produced these results.”

Speaking on the legacy Buhari will be leaving behind, Gambari noted that apart from free and fair elections, Nigerians would remember him for his fight against corruption and agricultural revolution.

“Among other legacies, we have diversified the economy. We are now producing what we are eating,” he said.

“Many states across Nigeria now have various crops that they have economic advantage upon and they are producing it abundantly.

“Except Kebbi state which stands top among the states because the state has made a lot of impact on the agricultural revolution in Nigeria.

“Apart from that, President Muhammadu has constructed a lot of road, fight corruption. These are the legacies he will be leaving behind.”

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