Kwara to begin Digital learning, teaching in public schools next month

The Kwara state Government has revealed its plan to commence digital learning and teaching in some public schools in the state through KwaraLEARN.

Prof Abdulraheem Adaramaja, Chairman KWSUBEB made this known while adressing newsmen in Ilorin, the state capital on Friday. 

According to him, “The programme will commence across 365 primary schools in Baruten, Offa, Ilorin East, and Ilorin West local governments with critical achievements recorded in academics, governance, stakeholder engagements, operations, school inspection, technology, job creation, leadership and development.”

He noted that the the KwaraLEARN programme which is designed to improve teaching and learning using innovative technology, data-driven platforms, high-quality learning materials, effective training and continuous coaching and support for teachers and school administrators, is the third of its kind in Nigeria. 

He added that the Programme has completed academic field studies in randomly selected schools to learn about teachers’ English fluency and proficiency, pupil oral reading fluency, and foundational numeracy.

“The programme has also documented standard school practices, including administrative structures, parent engagement, school management, training, school day structure, facilities, technology, inventory, and staffing.”

“We have also developed supplemental programming based on pupil performance on the academic field study to improve learning in numeracy and literacy; we have also created lesson plans for teachers aligned to the national curriculum and aligned to the approved timetable. We have had school visits to gather data on assessments, create our assessment memo, and align KwaraLEARN’s Academic Calendar to reflect the assessment schedule, holiday lessons, breaks, and parent-teacher conference day.”

“KwaraLEARN’s key achievements in operations and technology include the delivery of 4,329 teacher tablets and smartphones, procurement of 250 blackboards, hiring of IT Operations team, set up of teacher tablets and validation of tech applications in schools”

“The induction training, which is a pivotal element of KwaraLEARN, concludes its first wave today (April 29 2022). Since its commencement on April 19 2022 at Queen Elizabeth School, Ilorin, 1813 teachers and headteachers from across 227 schools in Baruten and Ilorin West LGAs have participated. Our technical partner, NewGlobe has done a tremendous job in ensuring that participants are on the right teaching trajectory by deploying experienced personnel and facilities such as teachers’ smartphones, tablets and applications for the exercise.”

“It is worthy of note that the teachers have shown great enthusiasm and a keen interest in becoming a better version of themselves during the course of the training. The second wave of the induction training is to commence on May 5 2022 and is expected to have over 1500 participants from Offa and Ilorin East LGAs.”

“The programme has also recorded progress in school inspections. It has conducted an M&E Baseline Exercise to monitor the achievement levels of pupils in all grades concerning foundational skills in English literacy and numeracy. We visited 55 primary schools to validate teacher data and attendance.”

“This programme is also creating a long socioeconomic value chain that benefits Kwarans. For example, KwaraLEARN has created jobs by hiring School Inspection Associates and staff to train, support, coach, and mentor the headteachers and teachers. We have onboarded schools’ staff to get them prepared and build their capacity for the fieldwork. 43 job offers have been made, while 38 full-time staff have been hired so far. Currently, we are training 3500 teachers drawn from across the state who will implement this programme beginning in May.”

“All these are in addition to the drafting of the KwaraLEARN Schools Plan, which include Policies and Procedures of Pupil’s Discipline, Roles and Responsibilities of School Staff, Administrative Roles in Training and Schools, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Schools Management tools, Parents and Stakeholders Engagement, KwaraLEARN Support Staff Roles and responsibilities.”

“The whole essence of this programme — and the preparations that have gone into the pre- launch activities — is to ensure that Kwara State would not be one of the states where primary school pupils have poor learning outcomes. The whole agenda is to ensure that we give every Kwara child a solid foundation, and that regardless of a child’s birth location or the income level of their parents, or their level of literacy, all children in Kwara State can achieve their full potential and compete favourably with their peers across Nigeria and the world.”

“KwaraLEARN will demonstrate that, with the right innovation, training, materials and support, government schools can deliver radically better learning outcomes for children. With the right investments so far made and more to be committed, this success can and will be seen in a very short number of years, so that this generation of children will have the potential to transform the state.”He said.

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