Ilorin Rainstorm : Atunwa urges Kwara Govt to Support victims

The 2019 PDP Gubernatorial Candidate, Hon. Razak Atunwa has Urged the Kwara Government to Support the victims of the Rainstorm in Ilorin, Kwara state.

Atunwa Stated this in a statement posted on his official Facebook handle on Monday evening

The statement fully reads :

The recent torrential rainstorm has wreaked havoc in Kwara State including the capital, Ilorin. Indeed, almost every community in Ilorin was devastated over the weekend of 19 and 20 September 2020. Residential houses suffered varying degrees of damage from blown-off roofs, collapsed walls to total destruction of buildings. Shops and commercial premises equally suffered the same level of devastation. My heartfelt sympathies go to all the victims of this natural disaster.

However, it is exceedingly disappointing that the Kwara State Government has not deemed it fit to provide succour to those who are victims of the rainstorm devastation. Many poor and less privileged victims have been left in the hopeless position of being rendered homeless without any assistance from the State Government.

It is most disheartening that all the Kwara State Government can offer is the Deputy Governor parading himself at selected places for photo opportunity. The Governor himself is as usual nowhere to be seen.

It is not lost on the populace that the during last two administrations, in the event of such a disaster as this, the Governor and the entire cabinet would have swung into action. The Special Adviser on Emergency would have compiled an inventory of the victims and relief materials would have been distributed throughout the state within 48 hours. All political office holders would have made their own contributions in their various local governments and constituencies. But this Goverment and its office holders have shown a carefree and callous attitude to the harmless victims of this rainstorm.

Government is the last hope of the common man. It is the only organ that has the capacity and reach to assist in circumstances such as this. Therefore, I urge the Kwara State Government to swing into action to assist the harpless victims of the rainstorm and begin distributing within the next 24 to 48 hours. Failure to do so will merely seal this Government’s reputation of being insensitive.

Rt. Hon. Razak Atunwa

21 September 2020

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