I’ll sell my vote in 2023 elections, Says Actor Okon of Lagos

Comic actor Bishop Ime better known as Okon of Lagos has explained why he is prepared to sell his vote in the coming general election.

According to the movie star, since politicians have become notorious for only visiting the electorates during election seasons, it is only right to sell the votes to them.

The popular actor said he is willing to sell his votes at the right price for $1000 per day.

“You see all these don’t sell your vote, don’t sell your vote e nor concern me. Because I have my PVC and I will sell my vote, I will sell my vote at a very considerate price,” he said.

”Because you know must of all these politicians that come to buy votes only appear once in your life every four years, buy your votes in the polling units and disappear and appear after another four years.”

Watch him speak below…


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