I sacrificed my childhood and youth to get to this point, Rema explains

Fast-rising Afro-beat singer Divine Okubor popularly known as Rema, is undoubtedly one of the new generational artists pushing the four wheels of Afrobeats to the global scene with his distinct art and demeanour of flair.

Rema who is signed to Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records with a number of good songs to his repertoire, has made a debut album “Rave & Roses” featuring international 6lack, Chris Brown, and AJ Tracey.

In an interview with the international Journalist Joey Akan for Afrobeats Intelligence, Rema revealed that he sacrificed his childhood and youth to get to this point in his career. Declaring that it takes a lot to connect with his inner child, he said, “It is tough to be a child again.

“Even when I try to have fun, it’s like it is forced. I feel like I have gone too deep into this, that even when I want to have fun, I spend a whole bunch of money to have fun. Being a child, being young, you could have some things taken care of.

“If I want to have fun, I need to pay for security, I need to… you have to have fun with other people. You can’t even have fun by yourself. I can’t go anywhere by myself. I can’t do nothing by myself. Responsibilities everywhere, expectations everywhere. If I go to the beach and say I just want to have me-time, I cannot have me-time now.

“I’d still carry 200k or 100k to settle alaye boys. I can’t meditate on the beach or something ’cause when I’m trying to meditate, there’s someone shouting ‘ah, Rema baba.’ So the best place I can be a child is just in my house, playing video games, drawing and having my creative fun.

“But it’s not really fun. I just feel like in whatever you want to achieve, you must sha sacrifice something. So I think what I sacrificed is my youth, it’s my childhood, and I should just learn to live like this and move on.”

The Mavin’s hot signee who is still very much rooted in his Christian beliefs, made an illustration of his current phase with the life of David in the Bible.

He said, “David became a king at the age of 17, so why should I feel like I lost something? David controlled the whole of Israel, controlled the armies for war at age 17. David was fighting bears in the bush. His father did not know what he was going through.

“No police, no poachers to help him fight the bear and the lion he killed. But he conquered right? So why should I feel like the world is on my head? What I can do, I will do. That’s what I let my label know. I would do my best but I will not kill myself.”

Abdullahi Sanni

Abdullahi Sanni is a senior news reporter at SHO PEN ONLINE. He is a passionate writer with core interest in Politics, sports and economy reports. Abdullahi who studied mass communication at Kwara state polytechnic in Ilorin, is the 1st of six in his family. He's a multimedia journalist who has traveled far and wide in the course of his journalism career.

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