How former Supper Eagle Footballer became a Danfo Driver

An Igbo Philantopist and social media influencer popularly known as OKWULORA has explained how he intercepted a Nigerian Supper Eagle footballer at Nsukka where he Was loading his passengers.

Kingsley Obiekwu who have won OLYMPIC game in ATLANTA with KANU NWANKWO as disclosed by OKWULORA is said to be in a very bad condition.

This however got mixed reactions from the IGBOS who are agitating for separate state away from Nigeria. According to some “he has served the zoo(Nigeria) and come back in shame” while others sympathized with him for his present misery.

OKWULORA in his post which he made on his Facebook official page called for donations and supports, also made a pledge that he will contact some celebrities who could generate a huge finance to lift him again. OKWULORA posted:

“At Abakpa Motor Park, I saw former Super Eagles Defender Kingsley Obiekwu(Shagari Udoji) loading buses and driving Sienna to Nsukka. I hugged and greeted him then cried like a man. Life can be cruel Yes.

He never made it to the highest level Yes but where are his teammates. I will tell Kanu Nwankwo about this.

They won Olympics together in Atlanta. Obiekwu last made headline when his younger brother died in the field of play. A NATIONAL HERO, AN IDOL TO MILLIONS, AN OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST. We can help lift him again IF he is willing. That environment is not for him”

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