Gov. Abdulrazaq Finally Speaks on Kwara Hijab Crisis

The Governor of Kwara State, Mall. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has ccommends leaders of various religious bodies for their understanding and leadership over the last few days as the administration gets our children back to schools following the hijaab decision. 

Gov. Abdulrazaq in a statement in a statement released lately on Monday said The administration appreciates the maturity and forthrightness on both sides. The government is immensely grateful that every side has continued to restrain their followers, and especially credits the religious leaders on both sides and the security agencies for the gains already recorded. 

He Said,  “To this effect, the government condemns in no unmistakeable terms the attempts by some fifth columnists to foment trouble in parts of the metropolis. The government will never condone this reckless behaviour and the security agencies have their instructions to deal ruthlessly with anyone who attacks fellow citizens or makes any attempts on sacred places or properties under whatever disguise. The attempt is devilish and was clearly meant to undermine the progress so far made to build peace and harmony.”

“Parents are urged to call their children to order immediately. Anyone found fomenting trouble will have themselves to blame.” 

“The ongoing dialogue with various stakeholders will continue unhindered and the government urges leaders on all sides to continue to play their roles as statesmen without allowing any fifth columnists to provoke them or derail the peace efforts.”The Statement Concluded.

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