Foundation to embark on intensive campaign against Gender-based violence in Kwara

As part of its efforts to introduce a new approach to the activism against Gender-based Violence, The Rising Child Foundation has launched the ‘Stamp Out GBV in Kwara’ project.

Speaking at a press briefing with selected journalist in Ilorin, The Executive Director of the Foundation, Taibat Hussain who revealed that the project is supported by the Global Youth Movement, Stated that it will cover series of advocacy programmes and action plans towards the prevention and elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls in Kwara.

She said,  “As part of the project, we shall organise a broad-based training for 25 selected young ladies that will be regarded as GBV Champions. They will be educated on GBV and its implications on the society, trained on how to use social media – majorly Twitter – to advocate GBV-related issues, and what they can do to curb the spread of GBV in their respective communities.”

“At the end of the training, we will create a Kwara Gender Action Group that will comprise participants at the training. The group will work in local communities across Kwara to create awareness on GBV issues, track and report cases of violent abuse against women, and advocate for redress for victims and punishment for the offenders. Our GBV champions will also carry out sustained awareness on GBV across senior secondary schools in Kwara State while creating a pipeline for safe reportage of GBV cases.”

“In addition, we will embark on market drive, organise radio shows, reach out to community and religious leaders and other relevant stakeholders to create awareness on GBV and seek their support and cooperation towards the prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls.  To ensure the success of this project, we are humbly soliciting the support of the State and other relevant bodies. We are also open to collaboration with other civil society groups working on GBV issues in Kwara. I know there are a number of them in town and we are ready to work with you all.”

While speaking on the recommendation on the prevention of violence against women in Nigeria, The Foundation Executive Director urged Government and other relevant stakeholders to invest in building the capacity of GBV service providers to meet the increasing demand for support for victims of GBV and also Create more support centres where concerned individuals and victims of GBV can report their cases and seek help. This will increase access to live-saving services for the victims. 

She also call on judiciary to prioritize the prosecution of perpetrators of GBV so as Special Courts can be created to entertain GBV cases to ensure swift dispensation of justice. 

“Security agencies should handle GBV cases professionally without shaming the victims. Similarly, parents should desist from preventing their abused children from speaking up under the guise of shame.”

“We must strengthen the adoption and implementation of legal frameworks that safeguard and protect women and girls against GBV and provide justice for victims.”

“Creation of registry for GBV perpetrators across local government areas in the country.”

“Religious institutions should condemn every form of gender-based violence and preach against tolerance of gender-based violence. Similarly, religious and community leaders should work on reforming some of our prevalent socio-cultural or traditional norms that aid GBV. 

“Institutions of learning should have clear-cut policies against GBV to protect their female members and set up adequate measures and mechanisms for victims to report any incidence of GBV. · All organisations including private establishments should have anti-GBV policies to protect their female staff, and should also establish a pipeline for safe reportage of GBV issues.” She Added.

Conclusively, Taibat who revealed that the Foundation will unveil its well-researched FACT SHEET on GBV, which can serve as an advocacy tool for any organization or individual interested in issues of GBV, urged individual, not to perpetuate or condone any form of gender-based violence.

“We should also stop stigmatizing victims of GBV and rather encourage them to speak up and not suffer or die in silence.” She said.

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