Eid el Kabir : Buyers, Sellers Lament As Ram Prices Soar in Ilorin

Barely two days to the celebration of Eid-el-Kabir (Ileya) Some Buyers and sellers have Lamented over the hike Prices of Ram in various markets across Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital.

Abdullah Jimba, SHO PEN ONLINE Correspondent Who visited some ram markets in llorin on Sunday speak with the Ram sellers about the Hike Price of Ram.

Market Visited include Ode Alfa nda ram Market, Adeta Ram Market, Mandate Ram Market, Sango Ram Market and Taiwo Ram Market.

It was gathered that the prices of big rams range between N185,000 to N190,000; small rams which were sold for N40,000 last year are now going for N85,000 to N90,000. The medium size which were sold for between N50-60,000 last year, is now going for N100,000-N120,000 representing 100% increase.

According to Shuaib Bolakale Ebodaleyan, a ram Seller at Ode Alfa nda ram Market

“Since we have started selling rams here, People have came to patronize us but they always complain about the Hike Price, And the main reason behind the hike price of Ram is nothing but because of the Insecurity in the country when we are going to North to buy Rams we are always afraid of Bandits and that made us have few Supply this Year.”

Another seller from Ode Alfa nda ram Market Abdulraheem Abdulwasiu Said

“The Hike price of Ram is not our Fault because we bought at a High cost from the North too, the Ram which were sold for N20,000 last year are now going for N45,000 to N50,000 and this is a result of Nigeria economy.

In his part, Mr Abubakar Otukoko a Ram seller at Adeta, Ilorin Noted

“Insecurity in the Northern part of Nigeria is one of the factors that caused the Ram Price Hike and this would affect the rearing and supply of Rams.”

Some of the buyer who speak with our correspondent lamented that they had expended so much money this year on the purchase of rams and cows, despite the paucity of funds, adding that propelled them is obedience to Allah and the reward inherent in it.

The Festival of Sacrifice will be celebrated On Tuesday 20th July 2021.

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Nasif Sholagberu

Nasif Sholagberu is a Kwara-Born media Practitioner and The Publisher of SHO PEN ONLINE. He Had Earlier obtained a National Diploma in accountancy From Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin. His Interest are Centered on Photojournalism, Local Politics and News Reporting. He has attended Different training on Photography, Videography and Journalism. He has Certification in Journalism and Digital Marketing.

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