DG KWHMB, Saad Aluko lauds Gov Abdulrazaq for Revamping Kwara Health Sector

The Director General of Kwara Hospital Management Board, Dr. Saad Aluko in this interview with Our Correspondent, Nasif Sholagberu Speak on the Giants Strides and the Achievements of Kwara Governor, Mall. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Led -Administration within the two years of Coming on Board. 

Dr. Saad Aluko, DG KWHMB

Here are the Excerpt from the interview…

Saturday May 29th 2021 Marks 2 years since Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq Assumed Office, How would you rate his Performance so far? 

“In commemoration for H.E Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq two years in office we can categorically said that his rating has been Over 100% because alot of things have happen in a short period of time. When he first came in, There were arreas that we owe to hospitals we were very Surprised when he made the payment of over two and half months arreas that was the start of it, and then subsequently there has been a lot service improvement, there has been a lot Process Changes that his innovative leadership has really help us to Achieve significantly For instance, we manage HR system of Hospitals services essentially the capital project and the Capital expenditures sit under ministry of health but hospital management Regulate, manage, post, Deploy Staff and also Due to our monitoring and process changes we are Able streamline health care services, alot of our Patients now have more confident in our service delivery and as a result of that our Performance has significantly increased. Before H.E Gov. Abdulrazaq Came on board all we are making across the state Hospitals was barely about N20Million but now we are making Over N50Million in terms of revenue to the Government, Out of this money we have significantly Increase IGR generation by more than 50% and the rest of goes to the consumption of drugs, Consumables and the laboratory Agents. The issue around this is nothing but the fact that we have significantly improved our service delivery Optimization, we have recruited more numbers of staff that are working for us because we know we have a Government that is proactive to health all our Health Care Workers are working extremely hard to make it sure that the mandate of H.E Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq is made. Patient patronage has increased because our staff are now giving quality Services they are now more emphatetic towards our patients alot of equipment that were formally abandoned are now into use so alot of things have significantly changed the Narrative of the health Care Services.”

What are the achievements of Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in Kwara Health Sector?

Inline with Gov Abdulrazaq’s commitment to Health Care in Kwara State as a whole, I honestly can’t emphasize enough that the commitment in health Care in this State as far as I am concerned there has never been its kind. Alot of our Counterpart funding was the first thing that H.E Gov Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq did, we have alot of counterpart funding that was paid and we don’t have alot of funds and revenue that came in to the State and am sure you know 2020 gave us a very bad year from COVID-19 if not for the commitment of H.E toward health care God’s Know How many people who would have lost their life, we are rated one of the Third most prepared state for COVID-19, of course we now have our Moribund oxygen plant Operational, We have alot primary Health Care Institution renovated, we have few of our secondary facility Renovated as well, we are having a twelve ICU that is almost in completion, we now have an expansion for eye care services in the state, The Dental service in the state is also having renovation currently Going As far as I know I have never seen health Care so geared up, so Active, so determine as we have it now, in the next two years Kwara State will definitely be a Medical tourist in Nigeria. We have recently Recruited more health care workers we are still going to do more, There is alot of energy towards renovation of more Secondary facilities and Gov. Abdulrazaq has really key into it. So currently we have fixed ogidi Cottage hospital, Children Hospital has been Renovated we are currently doing Lafiagi general hospital, Okuta general hospital is also under Renovation, so it’s going to cut across all the Three Senatorial District in the state. Most importantly it’s not just to fix those hospitals we are also looking in Collaboration with Gov. Abdulrazaq’s vision that we want to see how hospital equipment can well be supplied to all those hospitals that are just been Renovated. I believe for any Nation, State to achieve any positive strides in term of Productivity or progress health care come first our people says Health is wealth a healthy state Translate to a Productive State and part of Gov. Abdulrazaq mandate is to making sure that the people of Kwara State get the best health Care services, Certainly most definitely for this two years we have really achieved Alots. 

Speaking about Your Office, What have you been able to achieve in the last two Years? 

Another Areas we have straightened in the late two years is that the H.E Gov. Abdulrazaq approved for us to start the automation of Human Resource Management, this has allowed us to have a better management of Staff distribution, Staff Strength and other processes that we have put in place to improve the Productivity of our staff. Recently we have been Find that they are alot of reputation across some of the service areas and across some discipline that we are working towards making sure we have closer look at every single staff and also identify the Fact that staff that are not on their Duty post we can hold them accountable. This HR Management Software has allow us to have a better control on how we can regulate people going for Retiring, people going for Promotion, People going on annual leave, and others, so it’s taking us away gradually from the paper centered adminstrative processes to a more automated process this will allow us in future to be able calculate with accuracy what we need in terms of starting capacity, excesses that we have in our system, how we can straighten Productivity, how to measure Productivity and benchmark and what we are actually generating in the state. Health Care is Calculation driven and everybody working within the health care Frame work understand the importance of numbers, Productivity, Scientific justification for everything we do, With the new System of HR we are looking to build up on that. I believe before the end of the second tenure of H.E Gov. Abdulrazaq we will have a Health Sector system that is everything to write home about. 

Send Your congratulatory message to H.E Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq?

Hospital management board want to sieze the Opportunity to Congratulate our amiable, Our active Governor, For his dedication, Commitment towards Health Care, we want to thank him for all his support for health Care and his commitment to his people, we want to thank him most sincerely that he sees Kwara as a Potential place for Progress and we Cannot thank him enough from hospital management board. 

Below are some projects of H.E Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in the Health Care Sector…

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