CKAYS Coordinator, Awobimpe debunks rumored suspension

The coordinator of the coalition of APC young stakeholders (CKAYS) in Kwara state, Alh Abdulrasheed Awobimpe on Monday, debunked his purported suspension from office, saying the report is laughable and outrightly false. 

There were reports on Sunday that claimed that Awobimpe and two other executives were suspended from office for diversion of fund and others. 

Reacting to this, Alh Abdulrasheed Awobimpe clarified that the allegations stated in the report are laughable and outrightly false, noting that the individuals who made the allegations have made themselves none existence in CKAYS. 

According to him, “In the alleged infractions leveled against us by those hell bent on sharing money, they claimed we received some funding from certain individuals on their behalf, which they claimed they investigated. But if they investigated truly and are not acting a script presented to them by external influence determined to reap, where they didn’t sow, they would have known that nobody gave us any fund to be handed over to anyone, instead, we contributed our own money to begin the actualization of our own initiative and others who bought into the initiative simply contributed for some materials to be produced, which has not only been produced, but whose production, far exceeded the amount received from external support. As a matter of fact, there are still debts owed from the production, which had to be cleared subsequently as we progress in our determination to execute our beautiful idea of #isfaa2023.”

“It is sad that some gullible young people will volunteer themselves as tools in the hand of those who don’t wish our dear state and party well, who are attempting to destroy the good name of our party and work of our excellent governor, by making outrightly false claims, dragging the name of the governor in the process, just to blackmail individuals deemed too independent and committed to the ideals of state building.”

“Apart from the fact that the allegations made by these individuals are laughable and outrightly false, the individuals who made the allegations are themselves none existent in CKAYS. They have never made any financial contribution to the group despite all its numerous activities, neither do they even have any form of identification that associated them with the group.”

“Some of them have never participated in CKAYS meetings, some quietly exited the group over 6 months ago and joined their aanigba leaders in other parties and some have never contributed a kobo to our struggle, since the establishment of the group over almost 3 years ago, but have continued to demand and pressure us for personal gratification, hoping that they can obtain political favours through other people’s efforts”

“For the purpose of clarity, those who made these false allegations are the amalgamation of reminant of Aanigba within the APC, left behind by their leaders to destabilize APC,  deceitfully using some gullible members to achieve a senister motives, by attacking the integrity of those of us who they believe will become an obstacle to their attempt to destabilize the party. But they will not suceed in their agenda”

“The amalgamation of Aanigba’s are leveraging on the gullibility of some APC stakeholders, who believe that CKAYS has to be hijacked from those of us who founded the group and conceive beautiful ideas to advance the course of our progressive government in build up to 2023. Their own disgust for our progress, despite their lack of support is making them fall victim to a large plan by the Aanigba’s, but all of these are all dead on arrival.”

“Let it be clear to all that we didn’t commit any infraction and no tenant can suspend our landlord in his own house. We assure all members of CKAYS that those behind this scheme will be exposed and they will never be allowed to succeed in their plot against our great party or to hijack our group for their selfish interest.”

“It is important to inform you all that all the materials to execute the #isfaa2023 project has been produced and the project execution shall commence immediately after the holy month of Ramadan.”

“We cannot be distracted by the antics of those who want to share money meant for project execution. That habit belongs in the past. That is what was rightly refered to as the jahiliyyah era (the era of ignorance). We are now in the era of illumination under the able leadership of our performing and progressive governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq. In this era of light, those expecting to share money meant for activities are simply jokers who shouldn’t be taken serious.”

“As contained in the statement issued in this past week, all relevant committees for the isfaa2023 execution, both at the state, local government and ward level shall be set up immediately after the holy month of Ramadan.” He concluded.

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