CKay rakes N2.6bn from his hit song “Love Nwantiti”

Nigeria’s hit maker and rave singer CKay, has raked in over N2.6bn from his hit release “Love Nwantiti”.

This was colated by BusinessDay who used data from all major streaming platforms; Spotify, Apple music Boomplay, Audiomack, and YouTube.

In their findings, Spotify seem to have generated the largest revenue with over 824.9 million streams. The singer garnered over N1.3 billion from the platform.

Apple Music, the second highest, made over $500,400 (N208.2 million) after having over 100.08 million streams.

On YouTube, CKay made N407m from over 559.3 million streams.

In Nigeria, Boomplay pays an act a fee of N2o to N50 per stram. However, “Love Nwantiti” cumulated over 24.3 million streams. When calculated, that is about N607.5m or $1.5m.

Audiomack numbers for the song have reached 33.2 million streams and with an average pay of N1.65, it will earn the singer N54.8 million or $131,654.

CKay’s song hit several milestones and also topped various charts. The singer surely is in some money

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