Buhari : Young Educated Nigerians Should not expect Jobs from Government

President Muhammadu Buhari has told Nigerian youths not to expect automatic benefits from the government just because they’re educated.⁣

The 79-year-old said in an interview on Channels TV on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 that he wants young Nigerians to go to school and earn degrees.⁣

But he emphasised that education is not just a pathway to material things, or to be entitled to government help.⁣

He said, “You get educated because an educated person is certainly better than an uneducated one, even in identifying personal problem.⁣

“So, education is not just meant to hang on to government to give you job or what the colonials indoctrinated us on – to have a car, house, and to start work at 8 o’clock and close at 2 o’clock. No.”⁣

Buhari has had a tense relationship with young Nigerians since he was inaugurated in 2015, and is sure to stir some more discontent with his latest comments.⁣

His own academic credentials have been disputed for many years, and subject to controversy that he’s repeatedly tried to clear without success in the court of public opinion.⁣

He kept insisting during Wednesday’s interview that the best way to lift millions of Nigerians out of poverty is for many, especially youths, to start farming, a common position he’s taken since he became president.

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