Tuesday, February 27, 2024

BBYDI Launches initiative to track Nigerian Governors activities 

The Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) has introduced YouthGovTracka, an initiative aimed at narrowing the gap between the aspirations of Nigerian youth and the actions of state governors.

During the public launch, Abideen Olasupo, Global Director of BBYDI, explained that this online platform monitors State Governors’ performance in key areas. These include prioritizing youth voice in governance, supporting young candidates, creating safe civic spaces, developing participatory mechanisms, supporting civil society organizations, and investing in civic education.

According to him, BBYDI has carefully chosen and trained youth focal points across all 36 states. These individuals, mentored by industry leaders, are equipped with knowledge and a mandate to monitor, question, and drive accountability in governance. Technology will play a crucial role as focal points use it to track data, enumerate promises, and monitor implementation.

Abideen emphasized that BBYDI’s focal points are not just observers but active participants. They will lead community development projects aligned with their commitments, echoing promises made and demanding accountability. The engagement with critical stakeholders in each state aims to build bridges between leaders and the people.

He however revealed that Monthly scorecards will be published by the organization, offering an honest evaluation of state governors’ performance. 

Additionally, BBYDI launched a Citizen Accountability toolkit, empowering citizens to articulate and demand their rights from the government. 

This toolkit goes beyond being a guide; it is empowerment in action, fostering informed demands and promoting responsible governance.

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