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Balancing Academic and Leadership: The Story of UDUS Female First-class Graduate

Her initial dream prevailed beyond reading and working behind the curtain of the classroom.



By Asiat Meikudi

At the baseline of gaining admission into Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, Mahmood Loke Rodiah, a first-class graduate from the department of Zoology in the 2020/2021 academic session had the mindset of serving as leader and preserving students welfare.

Her initial dream prevailed beyond reading and working behind the curtain of the classroom.

Driven by the passion of changing the narration of the man serving the lead, she set a goal of achieving more and working toward the welfare of students. She adhered to working diligently in managing her time as student and at the same time served as student activist while on campus.

Rodiah procured the affirmation of serving as the vice chairman in the National Association of Zoology students and uphold role of stakeholder at the Ilorin Emirates students union, Udus Chapter. In commitment to serving as the Assistant class representative throughout her days in school, she contributed to the growth and development of her department.

“Although it was quite a challenge and difficult feat between representing the department, attending congress and reading. Even though it was tough, I see it as fulfilling and satisfying my curiosity,” she said.

Mahmood Rodiah, 23, is an indigene of Kwara State. Her ecstasy knew no bond when she saw her result with the Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA)of 4.5.

It was a dream she never had. Being an activist with a mindset of leading the students’ affairs and welfarism to her best capability was the forefront she could not play with.

“Initially, I didn’t expect to achieve first-class honors, ever since I began my journey as student representative and welfarism I always aimed for higher GPA by studying diligently with the time I had and offering prayer.”

Balancing Academic and Leadership

Rodiah was once the former financial secretary of Ilorin Emirates students union and Ameerah at Markazy Alumni association (Udus Chapter), she brazed her task of leading and management of time properly without affecting her primary assignment.

“After being appointed as welfare director at IESU and Ameerah at Markazy Alumni association during my second year, I rescheduled my reading scheme to ensure it did not affect my Academic performance. I took it as an endeavour I must conquer and it accrued more than I can explain,” she explained.

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