ASA Progressive Elders declare support for Rukayat Shittu

The elders of Owode-Onire, within the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), led by first-generation elder, Alhaji Saka Akande have declared that the elders and stakeholders of the constituency are united in their support for the emergence of 26-year-old vibrant youth aspirant, Rukkayyat Shittu.

Alhaji Saka Akande said that the prospect in the future of Asa is bright with the candidature of Rukayat and they are not willing to miss the opportunity this season presents.

While reacting to the prospect of the emergence of the youngest aspirant in APC for the Owode-Onire state constituency, Alhaji Saka explained that “we the elders of Owode-Onire know that the world is moving forward and we cannot be held in the past”.

“As elders, it is our responsibility to support progressive candidates with the prospect to lead the constituency to the future it deserves and we believe the journey to that future starts with electing our daughter, Rukayat Shittu”.

Saka Akande maintained that, while we understand that some individuals are comfortable with doing things the old way, we believe that the future of Asa is much more important than our interests and we must protect that future by supporting aspirants with capability and those who understand modern ways of doing things.

He, therefore, declared that, on behalf of the Asa Progressive Elders, we declared our unallowed support for the candidature of Rukayat Shittu as the candidate of APC for the Owode-Onire state constituency.

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