Allow Female Muslim students to wear hijab in schools, Adamu Insists

Minister of education, Mr Adamu Adamu has insisted that female Muslim students should be allowed to wear hijab in schools amid the ongoing crisis over the religious garb.

The minister, who spoke on Sunday at the 2022 World Hijab Day public lecture in Abuja, called for dialogue on religious differences rather than resorting to violence.

Mr Adamu, represented by the deputy director, Social Mobilisation, Universal Basic Education Commission, Sidikat Shomope, said citizens should be allowed to practise their religion added that Nigeria’s constitution guaranteed freedom of religion for all citizens.

This, by implication, means that all citizens are allowed to practice their religion according to the dictates of their faith, as long as no harm or inconvenience is caused to other people.

Adamu added, “The wearing of hijab by Muslim women is in line with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as recommended in Qur’an 33:59.”

“I wish to take this opportunity to remind our fellow citizens that there is a lot we can gain by dialoguing on matters of religious differences, rather than resorting to violence.”

“Our children will remain citizens of Nigeria, irrespective of their faith. They will live and interact in the world outside their schools, where no boundary exists between the religions,” He stated.

The minister further appealed to traditional, religious, and community leaders to use their position to douse tension and ensure peace, harmony, and tolerance.

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