2023 : Tinubu says he is determined to fix Nigeria

The presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu has assured he is determined to turn Nigeria to a progressive, highly developed and prosperous nation.

He gave the assurance on Wednesday at the party’s national secretariat during a meeting with the National Working Committee (NWC) ahead of the kickoff of the presidential campaign on September 28.

Tinubu also promised to ensure the full democratisation of the country so that it can remain the beckon of democracy of the black race in the world.

“I admit that democracy is challenging, very hard and difficult a system to manage. We have seen challenges left and right outside the international sphere of politics, but we are determined to ensure that we democratise Nigeria fully and remain a beckon of democracy as the largest nation of black race in the world,” he stressed.

Speaking with newsmen after the meeting with the NWC members, Tinubu assured Nigerians of a new and refreshing hope that will lead to rapid development and progress.

According to the APC standard bearer, “It is a new horizon and we assure them that every Nigerians will benefit and I am very sure that there will be a refreshing and we will continue development in a rapid way.”

He promised to unveil his agenda in line with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) election regulations and timetable.

“We have to comply with INEC and regulations regarding the elections. When we finish that, we will unveil to you those things that we have in plan for the country, our objectives, our creed, our commitment is to bring development and our commitment is transformation, and our determination is to bring help to the teeming Nigerians.”

On the array of opponents against him. he said: “We are not threatened. We are committed and we are very proud of ourselves, we are orderly manner, we are committed to democratic principles and values; we are not bickering in any way and you know that. Can you say that of the other parties? We are not spinning fake statistics and wrong figures. Can you say that of other parties? Well, we are what we are, a progressive party.”

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