Tuesday, February 27, 2024

20-year-old UNILORIN student commits suicide after lending ‘online boyfriend’ N500,000

A 20-year-old University of Ilorin student, Sanni Hameedat, took her own life after lending N500,000 to an individual she met on Snapchat.

Her private hostel management, Rubik, revealed that Hameedat was doing her SIWES program and faced immense pressure from the Snapchat contact who urgently needed the money.

Hameedat’s financial burden was compounded by her brother’s inability to assist, leading to her depression.

The statement explained that the cause of her suicide was financial misappropriation. She entrusted her mother’s significant sum to the Snapchat acquaintance, who claimed his mother had breast cancer and needed N500,000.

When her mother needed the money back, the boy cut off contact, causing distress.

To repay the N500,000, she borrowed from various apps, managing to gather N450,000 and adding her N50,000 savings.

Tragically, she ingested a bottle of pesticide (Sniper) the previous night, leading to her death.

The Student Union President confirmed the incident and stated that the university authorities were launching an investigation.

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